About Dr Vianney Vangilve
Osteopath Adelaide

Dr Vianney Vangilve, osteopath Adelaide has trained for 6 years at ESO Paris - France and has spent the past four years practicing in Australia and New Zealand. Since 2012 he has made Adelaide his home, where he loves the South Australian way of life with his wife and daughter.


Vianney was drawn to osteopathy because of how it considers the whole body in treating a patient's pain symptoms. He is fascinated by how the body constantly changes and heals itself.


His practice and research revolve mostly around chronic pain and symptoms, which are generally caused by years of incorrect posture, trauma (injury) or surgery. His interest in chronic pain has lead him  to post-graduate training in Biodynamic Oteopathy in the Cranial Field.


Vianney's treatment method looks at patient's symptoms in conjunction with inquiry into the deep membranes (fascia), nervous system (central nervous system and autonomic nervous system), vascular system (arteries and veins) and organs (particularly in relation to women's health and stomach or bowel complaints).


By helping these systems to work more efficiently the body has greater capacity to correct itself over a long-term, without needing ongoing treatment (such massage) to maintain the correction. 


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