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Dr Vianney Vangilve Osteopath Adelaide Services

Vianney is a highly - skilled Adelaide osteopath with vast experience in dealing with chronic pain. Vianney has achieved great successes with people who had given up on finding a solution to their pain, helping them to heal in a long - term capacity. This largely due to osteopathy's "whole-of-body" approach. Vianey's approach is extremely safe, gentle and incredibly effective - in fact it takes years (and patience) to master. In conjunction with exploring the symptoms of patients' pain, Vianney also takes into account other indicators such as the state of the nervous and vascular systems to work out what (if anything) is blocking the body from healing itself properly.


If you are in any doubt about whether Dr Vianney Vangilve Osteopath Adelaide can help you, call him on 08 7071 7270 to talk about your problem or email him here to ask a question. No GP referral is required to make a booking so you don't have to wait long for an appointment.


For more about Dr Vianney Vangilve Osteopath Adelaide click here or click here to get a better understing of what osteopathy is.

Dr Vianney Vangilve Osteopath Adelaide Services
Chronic pain


By far, most of Vianney's time is spent finding solutions to chronic pain. Chronic pain is medically defined as "pain that has existed for longer  than three months". Another way to view chronic pain is pain that has resisted many attempts to resolve it. Often chronic pain responds temporarily to treatments like weekly massages, but always returns. Vianney's skill lies in locating the true source of the pain (often different to where the presenting symptoms lie) and "resetting" blockages in the body so it may heal effectively over the long term.

Women's Health


Women's bodies have their own unique hormone.During menstrual cycle and menopause, hormonal changes can have a dramatic effect on the way the woman feels and create unconfortable or painful symptoms. Further to this, when hormones are out of balance, various membranes in the body tend to become sensitive with joints and organs discomfort. Vianney may help patients experiencing these issues.

Digestive system issues


Problems in the gut can have a variety of causes, such as parasites and body posture. Vianney has vast experience in improving patients' digestive absorption and helping related organs to move more freely and receive the maximum blood supply possible (the way they are designed to work - similar to the way joints operate). His work in this area is often linked to the nervous system, which regulates digestion, body temperature and hormones.

Post-surgery issues


Following surgery, scar tissue almost always occurs and can lead to adhesions - especially if there were complications during the surgery. Often patients describe pain where they had their surgery long after event. In cases like this, Vianney helps patients regain maximum flexibility in the membranes which maximizes the surgery's benefits and thus reduces the pain and effects of the scar tissue.

 Australia Osteopathy Member

AHPRA Registered Osteopath

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