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Osteopath Adelaide

Osteopath Adelaide

The safe, gentle and effective answer to chronic pain

osteopathy service Adelaide

osteopathy service Adelaide

The whole of body approach to treating pain

Adelaide Osteopath Clinic

Adelaide Osteopath Clinic

No GP referral required


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What is the osteopathic philosophy


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What's Osteopathy 

Your Body is a lot more than just joints and muscles

What is an Osteopath?


Osteopaths take a hands-on approach to healthcare, paying close attention to the link between your body structure and how it is currently operating. Osteopaths focus on how your bones, joints, muscles, nerves and circulation work together to treat acute pain and improve your overall health & wellbeing.

What is the difference between osteopathy, chiropracty and physiotherapy?

When you are in pain it can be difficult to know which type of treatment will be right for you. You may have, in the past, wondered "what is an osteopath, and how do they differ from other providers of pain management?"


While the osteopathic, physiotherapy and chiropractic approaches are all hands-on and all affect ligaments, muscles bones, viscera, fascia and circulation, the key difference between the three lies in the actual approach. Osteopathy, by nature, requires a longer treatment time, which focuses not only on the local symptoms but also key operating systems within the body (such as the nervous and vascular systems.)


Both Physiotherapy and chiropractic solutions are focused more locally (on the actual site of pain) and treatment sessions do not run for as long as osteopathic treatment.

Physiotherapists often use rehabilitation exercises and machines in their treatment method. Chiropratic treatment often involves manipulation which is performed "cold" (the tissues in the spine are not warmed prior to the manipulation) and, while they take the nervous and other bodily systems into account, treatments can be as short as 10 minutes.


Dr Vianney Vangilve osteopath Adelaide has a very gentle and safe style of treatment, requiring minimal manipulation and sessions usually last around 40 minutes. Most often, treatmetn is only required for few sessions, as he locates the source of the problem and gradually unlocks the underlying problem that is preventing the body from healing itself. This results in a long-term pain solution. Find out more about Dr Vianney Vangilve osteopath here.

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